13 сентября 2022

Vlast is now in English too

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Vlast is now in English too

There are few sources of information about Kazakhstan in English out there and even fewer that abide by such rigorous standards as ours. Now, Vlast aims to fill this gap by adding an English-language section to its website.

As a local source, Vlast provides brave and incisive reporting from the ground, covering major issues in the country, reporting on underexplored topics, and untangling complex matters that often fall under the radar of commercial news outlets.

Vlast directs a spotlight on politics, economy, society, and culture, exploring a wide array of themes ranging from inequality, climate change, corruption, budget spending, to human and civil rights, and the rule of law.

Vlast already does this in Russian and Kazakh, and by adding an English-language version it expands its reach.

For a decade already, Vlast has carved its own path alongside the best newspapers across the world, by covering news in Kazakhstan with accuracy and independence. Now, it also creates a suitable space for young authors from across Kazakhstan to write and report in English.

Having an English-language version allows Vlast to craft different ways of reporting its Russian- or Kazakh-language stories and to experiment with new formats for its original content in English.

No matter the format, from long reads to short stories or weekly columns, the editorial spirit of this section remains the same: sober, balanced, and fair.

Vyacheslav Abramov, Founder, Vlast,

Paolo Sorbello, English-language editor, Vlast.